SID is a business 

and networking-oriented service that operates via mobile app

SID provides service to final customers via different channels such as designed inbuilt solutions for conferences, subscriptions to Corporates, app promotions and many more

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS at the moment

What’s the problem ?

"Business cards are outdated"

Business card is an essential tool for acquiring new contacts throughout MeetUps, conferences & exhibitions. However, it can be timely, and therefore ineffective. Vast amounts of physical paper-based cards are produced. However, 88% of those are thrown away after just a year of use. Some are recycled, but majority never reach that stage. Once used and thrown away. More importantly, in fast and constantly changing world, they disallow you to enjoy all the benefits of IT.

Why Social ID ?

The future is now !

Imagine that you have all the cards collected in one place, free and conveniently grouped. Imagine that you can never run out of cards when on a conference. You can exchange them quickly, easily and securily. 

You can form them how you want, and more importantly, they aren’t simple pieces of paper any more, they are your contact book, but Better. Easy access to emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn. Isn’t that what will allow your personality and business prosper.


QR code generation and scanning 

Ability to generate a personalized QR code & further exchange with others through scanning it. Speeds up the process of exchange.

Physical card scanning and information recognition

Use of market strongest cloud-based API to identify information on the card. 26 languages supported.

Note-making on the cards

Ability to leave a reminder on person’s card, which will be shown for as long as needed. Can be amended or deleted.

Card grouping 

Feeling like default filters don’t completely satisfy your needs? Not a problem, add your own, and build up new filters/groups of cards.

Card design templates

SID x Tekrevol set of templates to enhance the best visual experience possible. New templates are constantly added. Possibility to change between templates design.


24/7 support team. Response time within an hour of the request.

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Coming up

Peer-to-peer exchange

Easy to use exchange of business cards without even opening the app. Exactly what you need during a conference or a mass event.

Conference mode

All the essentials for rapid exchange during events, ability to set up meetings and many more. B2B opportunity to personalise the application.

Reviews & Business Enquiries

This is your opportunity to tailor your SID experience by leaving reviews and suggestions

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